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For the first time, WAI Wānaka and nine other community organisations worked together with the Wānaka A&P Show last weekend to run a space called OUR PLACE. We used interactive and fun activities for the whole family to show how the land, water, flora, fauna, our climate, and us humans, are all connected.

We all love our place for different reasons and most of us agree that our environment is world class. Yet, there are pressures on our land, plants, animals, lakes and rivers due to increased human activity and land-use changes. It’s important that we care for our natural world as well as our community.

Thank you to everyone who created, visited and enjoyed our interactive space – your enthusiasm and energy was amazing and our place would be not be the same without you!  

In the WAI space at this year’s Wānaka A&P Show you could explore our aquatic ecosystems, learn how water is filtered and meet the tiny creatures that can tell us so much about the health of their habitats.

Other OUR PLACE partners helped you to plant a kōwhai seed or shared how to utilise the ever-growing food waste produced by all of us. There were fun things to create out of so-called waste products and the greatest hit – a freshly whizzed juice that you’ve made yourself using pedal power on the juice bike! We celebrate OUR PLACE as a great success and look forward to future collaborations at upcoming Community Events.

For more information on the groups and sponsors involved, visit OUR PLACE.