John Rodwell

John has extensive experience in the primary sector, both in corporate finance and governance, and in national science work supporting the sector. Currently serving as a director of Manaaki Whenua / Landcare Research and the Biological Heritage Challenge, John has also chaired national agri industry entities like the Bio Protection Research Centre (CORE) and the Minister of Agriculture’s Wool Working Group (now known a Wool Impact), where he retains a Board Advisory role. Additionally, he serves on the board of several farming businesses, as well as being a director of WoolWorks Ltd., the New Zealand wool scour operator. With a background in international business development and a commitment to industry improvement initiatives, John is a Co-Chair of the Te Taiao Steering Group and was previously on the Minister of Agricultures Primary Sector Council. John’s leadership skills and belief in community-driven initiatives promises positive impacts for WAI, our communities, and the local environment.