Community Catchment Plan

The CCP is our community blueprint for the future, guiding the many individuals, community groups and businesses undertaking positive work within the Upper Clutha to safeguard our water, improve ecosystem function and reverse biodiversity loss.

What is a catchment?

A catchment is an area which collects rainfall into streams and down into the soil, eventually feeding rivers, lakes and wetlands. The Upper Clutha catchment covers a total area of 4,600 km2.

The Community Catchment Plan (CCP) is our roadmap to improve and maintain the long-term health of the wider Upper Clutha’s freshwater. It identifies risks to the health of our waterways, gaps in our understanding and 60 actions we need to take in order to mitigate the effects of human activity on our aquatic ecosystems. 

Some of the actions fall within the responsibility of the Otago Regional Council and the Queenstown Lakes District Council. Others are led by WAI Wānaka in collaboration with the community. Protecting the health of our environment ensures that future generations will continue to enjoy our waterways and outdoor lifestyle as we do today.

Download the full CCP DOCUMENT or CCP SUMMARY.

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Why do we need to protect freshwater?

Our waterways are no longer as pristine as they appear and face increasing pressures within five Risk Areas. The CCP objectives are grouped into two key themes, which evolved from community input and national guidance: Healthy Ecosystems and Community Wellbeing. Positive action is being effected through community collaboration, a collective vision for the future and support to enable the development of urban and rural environmental plans.

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Aquatic Life
Functioning Ecosystems
Physical Habitat
Water Quality
Water Quantity

Cultural Values
Economic Wellbeing
Safe Recreation
Social Wellbeing

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Climate Change
Pest Flora & Fauna
Rural Development
Tourism and Recreation
Urban Development

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How the CCP helps

Land Management
Urban Development
Ecosystem Action
Mātauranga Māori

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