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WAI wanaka five year strategic plan
WAI’s Strategic Plan
albert town, upper clutha biodiversity strategy
Upper Clutha Biodiversity Strategy
Upper Clutha Biodiversity Strategy Summary
Upper Clutha Biodiversity Strategy – Summary
wanaka water project - community catchment plan
Community Catchment Plan (CCP)
This is WAI 2021
This is WAI 2021
Stormwater quality report by Victoria Grant for WAI Wanaka
Stormwater Quality of Discharge into Lake Wānaka – Report by Victoria Grant
Stormwater quality lake wanaka summary
Stormwater Quality of Discharge into Lake Wānaka – SUMMARY
the impacts of stormwater runoff lake wnaka/lake wakatipu thesis by Oliver Hall
The impacts of stormwater runoff (…) Thesis by Oliver Hall
Water Quality Survey LandPRO
Water Quality Survey
Urban stormwater workshop
Freshwater Improvement Fund Urban Stormwater Workshop
planting principles and process
Freshwater Improvement Fund – Planting Principles and Process
roys bay drifter study NIWA
Roys Bay Drifter Study – NIWA
Land Use Effects on the Health of Urban Streams – Report by Melanie Vermuelen
land use effects on the health of urban streams summary by WAI wanaka
Land Use Effects on the Health of Urban Streams – SUMMARY
state of catchment health upper clutha 2022 annual summary report
State of Catchment Health – Upper Clutha 2022 Annual Summary Report
technical report and SOPs
Technical Report and SOPs
jobs for nature strategy for WAI Wanaka
Understanding and protecting Otago’s deepwater lakes – A Jobs For Nature Strategy for WAI Wānaka
CCP summary 2022
CCP Summary 2022
wanaka environmental education blue-sky report 2023
Wānaka Environmental Education Blue-Sky Report 2023
Overview of WAI's field team's skills and mahi
WAI Field Team skills and mahi overview
beginner's guide - Mulch 101
Mulch 101 – Beginner friendly guide

Classroom Resources

Regenerative Agriculture
Regenerative Agriculture – a farmer led solution
Habitat Restoration & Pest Control
Habitat Restoration, Pest & Predator Control
Changing landscapes
Changing Landscapes – Repo, Riparian Planting & Fish Passages
Water Quantity
Water Quantity
Water Quality
Water Quality
Collaboration, Community and Catchments
Collaboration, Community and Catchments

Learning Resources

native plant identification - upper clutha, central otago, new zealand
Upper Clutha catchment native plant ID poster
new zealand native bird feeding
Native bird feeding poster
new zealand lake wanaka freshwater macro-invertebrates
Freshwater Macro-invertebrates poster
NIWA macro-invertebrates identification field guide
NIWA Benthic Macro-invertebrates field ID guide
waterways activity sheet
Discover our waterways – activity sheet
catchment health dashboard
Catchment health dashboard