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During these warmer summer months, there are so many ways to enjoy our lakes and rivers. But can you imagine if they were too polluted to be safe?

Looking at what seems like pristine waters, it may be hard to imagine. But many rivers and lakes in our beautiful country are in that position right now.

This could happen to our stunning local waterways too. The threats to our fresh water are real, and they are growing. Whether from increased recreation, urban and rural development, the spread of pest flora and fauna or the impacts of climate change, every day our waterways and their delicate ecosystems are under more and more pressure.

When we experience an increase in toxic algae, it can be deadly for dogs and children to swim in the affected water. Invasive plant pests such as didymo, lagarosiphon and lindavia in our waterways are not only unsightly and costly to deal with, they also alter native freshwater biodiversity.

We each have a role to play to protect our waterways

WAI field team planting riparian margins with native plants at Wishbone Falls

WAI Wānaka’s passionate team is on the ground, working with local individuals, catchment groups, landowners, iwi, councils, businesses, community groups and schools to improve ecosystem health, reverse biodiversity loss and keep our water healthy.

But we cannot do this important work without you – our community.

Will you make a donation to help keep our water healthy – now and for future generations?

We want to ensure our children and grandchildren can enjoy our lakes and rivers as much as we do today, and we need your help. Your donation will help fund all the essential pieces of the puzzle – education programmes, native planting, pest control, biodiversity monitoring, scientific research and most importantly, community collaboration.

Thank you for being part of the WAI Wānaka family. 2021 has been a big year and we are so grateful to have you in this community, supporting our vision of Healthy Ecosystems and Community Wellbeing for future generations.

We wish you a wonderful, happy and safe holiday season enjoying the many adventures to be had in our backyard this summer!

Ngā mihi nui,

Julie Perry | WAI Wānaka manager
and the WAI team

P.S. Please make a donation to WAI Wānaka and help us accelerate local action for our fresh water.

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