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Wānaka Water Project

Welcome to our first fundraising campaign! WAI Wānaka’s relationship with schools is flourishing. More tamariki and rangatahi are getting involved, and more preschools and schools are asking WAI to connect our environmental mahi to the curriculum.

We have passionate and skilled people waiting in the wings. We just need additional financial resources to fully respond to the requests coming in from schools and students.

We are asking for support from you, our community, to fund the delivery of environmental education. Our programme is aligned with the curriculum, making it straightforward for teachers to integrate. It enhances the connections between our schools and our community, providing opportunities for students to engage with global issues in a local, ‘real world’ context.

Click here to visit our Givealittle page.

Thanks to The Funding Network NZ (TFNNZ) and their partners Givealittle and Chorus for their expertise and skills in helping us with this crowdfunding campaign.

Use of funds

Our goal is to raise at least $20,000 to develop 3 environmental modules for schools. Every extra $5,000 will enable a further module to be created. Our educational themes will cover climate, stormwater, biodiversity and tuna/eels to name a few.

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