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We’ve been gearing up for some exciting new community projects and initiatives here at WAI.
We are thrilled to announce we have received funding to support microplastics research here in Lake Wānaka – the first of its kind in our community! 

We are incredibly grateful for the support of our funders for this project: The Otago Participatory Science Platform, Curious Minds, Ten Square Games and Planet Play.

A Teeny-Tiny Truth – exploring microplastics in our freshwater

Microplastics are a hot topic these days – the word refers to fragments of any type of plastic less than 5mm long. Many studies suggest they impact both human and aquatic health. How much do we currently know about microplastics in Aotearoa’s lakes and rivers? The answer is simple – not a whole lot! 

This project, titled A Teeny-Tiny Truth, has two big objectives:

  1. Collecting data on microplastics in Lake Wānaka
  2. Empowering our community to get involved in the process and creating change

Will you join us?

Stay tuned and follow us on social media as we embark on this important journey! 

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‘Adopt a Drain’ gaining momentum

Our ‘Adopt a Drain’ whānau continues to grow throughout Wānaka, Albert Town and Hāwea.

Adopt a drain – protect our waterways. Getting involved in reducing stormwater pollution in our community is not as hard as you may think – click here to learn more.

We are excited to have released our first ever Adopt a Drain blog on our website, full of autumn-themed tips and tricks. 

Joining forces: celebrating our ‘Growing Together’ event

On the 5th of May we hosted a special event alongside Te Kākano Aotearoa Trust. It was a joyous occasion that brought together farmers, community groups and volunteers to share stories and reflect on the transformative work happening around us – from native planting to pest control initiatives. 

Together we celebrated the remarkable achievements of The Wānaka Water Project and WAI’s Jobs for Nature Programme. Over the past five years, our combined efforts have led to the planting of more than 45,000 native plants in the Upper Clutha.

Thank you to everyone involved – here’s to continuing to grow together!

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