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Community Collaboration

Community Collaboration

By working together, we empower communities to understand their water, their environment, and their impact.

From WAI Wānaka’s humble beginning, it was clear that none of the work necessary to protect and restore our waterways can be done in isolation.

Education & Outreach

Education Programme

Education is at the heart of local action.

Our education and outreach programmes are building a passionate community of water advocates with the skills and knowledge to be the current and future voices for healthy water.

Action Groups

Catchment Groups

Connecting landowners, local businesses and the community.

Working together to protect our catchment’s ecosystems for years to come. WAI Wānaka helped establish multiple rural and urban catchment groups operating in the Central Lakes District.

Rural Initiatives

Securing healthy ecosystems for future generations requires purposeful action.

WAI Wānaka’s rural initiatives are supported by research, monitoring and data collection to make evidence-based decisions and continually improve our understanding of Te Taiao, the natural world.

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