CCP Actions

WAI Wānaka completed the Community Catchment Plan (CCP) in 2020. The CCP is our community’s roadmap for safeguarding water, improving ecosystem function and reversing biodiversity loss.

In developing the CCP, the Upper Clutha community identified risks to the catchment, gaps in our understanding and compiled 60 actions to improve and maintain the long-term health of the Upper Clutha’s freshwater. Some of these actions fall within the responsibility of ORC, QLDC and other agencies, while others are being led by WAI Wānaka in collaboration with community stakeholders.

You can view the table of CCP actions here. An understanding of progress, timeframes and mechanism for implementation against each action have been workshopped with ORC and QLDC representatives to reach agreement of responsibility for each of the actions.

an updated list of the actions including current progress will be available soon.

In the meantime, you can download and read the full Community Catchment Plan document here or view the CCP Summary.