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Our vision is a pristine lakefront environment that is free from invasive species, characterised by a balanced coexistence of native and exotic plants, with a high level of native biodiversity. Excellent public access and amenities, clean water flowing into the lake, and a united local community actively engaged in supporting environmental enhancement and protection.

Step 1 – remove invasive species

The first step to achieving our groups vision was invasive species control. In collaboration with QLDC, we removed invasive species such as crack willow and lupins from the lakefront, in order to make room for plantings of native flora.

Lakefront image - before
Lakefront image - after

Step 2 – enhance biodiversity

Now that the invasive species have been removed, we focussed on biodiversity enhancement. In collaboration with Te Kākano and Wānaka Backyard Trapping, we replanted the area in native species and installed an extensive trapping network.

volunteers planting trees
Te Kākano volunteers putting in the mahi
planting site with freshly planted trees
Finished planting site
The group and Wānaka Backyard Trapping installing the trapline
people walking in the rain with traps ready to be installed


Our group is interested in understanding the quality of the water flowing out of the storm drain into the lake. Therefore we are working on establishing a storm water monitoring programme, with the aim to understand what is entering the lake and work out a plan to mitigate it.

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