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Understanding your farm’s biodiversity and freshwater ecology is important to understanding ecosystems within your farm system.

Knowledge gained through a monitoring programme can help to:

  • Track changes to flora and fauna over time.
  • Inform management decisions.
  • Comply with regulatory and industry accreditation obligations.

Why are both aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity important?

Aquatic life can be an excellent indicator of the long term health of your waterways. While nutrient tests can tell you about your water at any given moment in time, the macroinvertebrates, fish and plant life present give a better understanding of long term health. Terrestrial biodiversity, both plants and animals, adds to production values, eco-system health and can be used to monitor effectiveness of programmes in pest control and revegetation. Recognition of aquatic and terrestrial threatened species and understanding their habitat and behaviour can help them survive and thrive on your property.

How can WAI help?

  • Develop plans for whole basin and individual farms.
  • Help set-up monitoring programmes and assist with data collection and data management.
  • Provide information required for regulatory and/or industry bodies.
  • Coordinate action groups for broader understanding of catchment area.

What is WAI Wānaka doing on farm?

WAI has funding to provide assistance to set up and/or carry out the below monitoring programmes on farm with farmers and manage data for their personal use.

Macroinvertebrate Testing

For understanding long term stream health to complement nutrient testing.

Fish survey icon
Fish Distribution Survey

Using eDNA sampling to understand the spread of native fish and eels.

Bird Count

Understanding and tracking birdlife for biodiversity and restoration monitoring.

Vegetation Monitoring

Mapping vegetation and creating photo points.

Visual Soil Assessments

Understanding your soils and changes over time.

What can I do to get involved?

Get in touch! We’re more than happy to chat through what you’re wanting to achieve on your property and how we can assist. WAI Wānaka has 10 people out on farms every day helping farmers achieve their environmental goals.

Contact Prue Kane
Project Manager – Jobs for Nature Programme
Mobile: 022 677 8141

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