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WAI Wānaka, working with EAS (Environmental Accounting Services) and the local community, have developed an annual report on the ‘State of Catchment Health’ across key environmental and social indicators including: 
  1. Climate Variables 
  2. GHG Emissions 
  3. Water Quality 
  4. Land Use Change 
  5. Invasive Species 
  6. Social Wellbeing

This is a community-led initiative to monitor the long-term impact of community efforts and guide environmental investment in the future.

The aims of the catchment wide monitoring system are to: 
  • Communicate qualitative and quantitative data on the state of catchment health and track progress over time. 
  • Align monitored indicators to the Community Catchment Plan and sustainable development goals (SDG’s). 
  • Develop a central repository for data collection and reporting. 
  • Encourage community ownership and responsibility for overall catchment health. 
  • Set up a reporting system which is enduring and repeatable. 
Wānaka aerial photo 2022

Please click either link below to see our catchment health reports. We are also in the process of developing an online digital catchment health dashboard. Keep an eye out as this is launched over the coming weeks.