Our Mission

Accelerating community action for fresh water.

By working together, we empower communities to understand their water, their environment, and their impact.

WAI Wānaka aims to connect the many individuals, community groups, landowners and businesses undertaking positive work towards building healthy ecosystems and supporting community wellbeing in our region.

Taking a whole-of-basin approach, we encourage, utilise and facilitate science (including planning, research and monitoring), community action and educational projects and programmes relating to these purposes.

WAI Wānaka’s actions are based on our shared roadmap, it’s called the Community Catchment Plan.


Healthy ecosystems and community wellbeing for future generations

Strategic Goals:

As an empowered community we work together to serve the environment. By raising awareness of environmental issues, we create a sense of responsibility to protect and enhance our ecosystem for years to come.


Collectively we champion, support and communicate comprehensive research and monitoring that supports long term fresh water management.
Our strength lies in our connections with others. Partnering with those who have aligned values and objectives allows us to pool skills, knowledge, and resources to accelerate enduring environmental solutions.


By working together, we empower communities to understand their water, their environment and their impact

WAI team photo 2023
WAI team photo 2023 jumping
WAI team photo 2022

we believe that the more people know, the more prepared they are to step up. each of us – locals and visitors alike – has a part to play in protecting this special place.

we do what we do, because we want our work to be effective and enduring. we want the people involved with our projects to look back with pride at what our community has achieved by working together.

This is WAI 2021

‘This is WAI’ was our first printed document all about WAI Wānaka.

It’s a celebration of the people and the progress at WAI Wānaka over the first five years. It is also a call to action for those that would like to be more involved.

We believe the more hands and minds working together towards the same goal, the greater the outcome.
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